Creative Ways to Decorate Bed Canopies

Sep 1st

Bed canopies – Use Canopies are a creative way to decorate your room, especially your bed. Canopies are structures that make substance floating on a bed. Some canopies fully enclose a bed, while others highlight certain parts of bed or in living room. Canopies can be any color and can be made of many different types of fabric.

Wooden Bed Canopies
Wooden Bed Canopies

Use curtains with your canopy can be done in several ways. One is to make curtains that can slide across columns to enclose entire bed. material should be thick, not see-through. Another way to decorate with bed canopies drape is to hang them on corners of bars and allow generous amounts fall to floor, creating piles of fabric around legs.

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Canopies can be used to highlight certain aspects of your room. For example, you have a high but not long canopy that goes only about a foot from wall. downside of this type of overhang should be straight and flat. In area of ​​bed, you can hang art or anything else you want to stand out in space. unusual canopy form will help highlight it.

Bed canopies can be used to accent architectural features you want to stand out. If ceiling above your bed is on a slant, canopy to follow slanted upward to add décor to room. If you have a bed frame that is antique or specially made, just stretch across middle instead of covering up woodwork by hanging it down sides. This will draw even more attention to canopy.

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