Good Ideas Grow Lamp

Jun 28th

Grow lamp – Providing enough light for photosynthesis of indoor plant plants is a common problem faced by many indoor gardeners. A grow light is an electric lamp, which simulates natural sunlight, and provides the spectrum of light adequate to promote the growth of the plant and flower. Vegetronix innovative caries innovative light systems to grow plants in indoor pots.


Anyone who has played with a prism knows that white light is a range composed of all visible colors. The goal of a grow light is to provide just the right amount of light from the light spectrum suitable for the plant. When evaluating a grow lamp the following criteria are important to consider.

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The fact that grow lamp is bright does not mean it is providing the correct spectrum. For example, a green lamp is of no use for plant growth, because plants reflect green light, and that is why it will appear in green color. In addition, plants use light spectrum that is not visible to humans, namely ultraviolet infrared bands. When selecting a lamp, a selection that is intense in the desired spectral band. All lamps generate heat, in addition to light. The generated light is measured in lumens. When selecting a lamp, chose one that generates lumens in the bands of the desired photosynthesis and minimizes watts.