Hanging Baseball Lamp

Jul 15th

Baseball lamp-A hanging baseball lamp is a single round ball shadow suspended from the ceiling with a hollow rod. The electrical wiring passes through the rod from the socket to the wires in the electrical junction box recessed in the ceiling. When the switch is turned on the light bulb emits light.

Modern Baseball Lamp Unique
Modern Baseball Lamp Unique


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Turn the light switch on to the overhead lights is replaced with hanging baseball lamp. Locate the switch in the circuit breaker feeding power to the junction box baseball lamp is connected. Flip the circuit breaker to “Off”. Set a ladder beneath the fixture is removed. Climb up with a screwdriver. Remove the shade and bulb. Screw the base of the light fixture from the junction box. Disconnect the fixture’s wires from the junction box wires.

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Remove the shadow of the baseball lamp.  If you climb the ladder and screw it to the junction box. A hanging strap provides extra support for a lamp fixture is heavy. Look for a clean copper or a green plastic coated wire protruding from the junction box. Twist copper wires together. Repeat for the matching black threads.

Tuck the cables up to the inset box in the ceiling. Attach the lamp to the ceiling mount junction box with installation screws included with the baseball lamp. Let the baseball lamp to freely hang straight down. Screw a light bulb in the lamp socket. Put the ball back in the shade. Go back to the circuit breaker box and turn the switch back to the “On” position.