Ideas for DIY Steampunk Lamps

Jul 6th

Steampunk lamps – The steampunk aesthetic is a combination of science fiction fantasies, Victorian fashion and industrial – age functionality.  You can make a relatively simple steampunk lamp using the metal pipe, strangely shaped lamps and a swag lamp kits are available at hardware and lighting stores. Connect the pipes together into a candelabra form with one or two tubes oriented vertically to hold the bulbs and a stable base made of horizontally oriented tubes to keep the lamp upright and steady. Alternatively, use a wooden block or box as your base and glue fittings to it with epoxy resin. Use your imagination to connect the pipes as you want as long as it is independent and has at least a vertical tube with an open end to accommodate a light socket.

Unique Steampunk Lamps
Unique Steampunk Lamps

Solder lamp holder to the standpipe opening, using a soldering iron. Repeat this entire process as many light sockets as you want in the lamp. Add 3 Screw a 60 – watt incandescent bulb in every socket. Choose an unusual lamp with visible rings and threads to be faithful to the steampunk lamps aesthetic. Squirrel cage lights are a good option.

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Slide or wrap copper or brass coils of lights for decoration. If you use a piece of wood as the base, screws or glue brass, copper or silver shiny details on it to make faux switches and accents. Unplug the lamp to a power outlet and turn on the lamp switch to activate the light. For best results, plug the steampunk lamps into an outlet that is connected to a dimmer for low intensity lighting.