Install Antique Neon Lamp

Oct 23rd

Neon lamp – Before installing antique or vintage neon lamp, obtain an assessment by a professional on the condition and quality of the light. Neon lights are electric discharge lamps enclosing argon ionized neon, and in some cases, krypton, xenon and helium gas. They do not last forever, does not burn as bright or clear as they once might have for a variety of reasons. Mature neon may actually be mercury vapor lighting; you will have to decide whether mercury should be restored because of the health risk from its vapors

Lionel Scoccimaro Elvis Is My Co Pilotpyrex Neon
Lionel Scoccimaro Elvis Is My Co Pilotpyrex Neon

To install a vintage neon lamp sign or lamp. The art of restoration to take place. Cracks, leaks, the missing pieces, general cleaning and replacement of the electrodes take place before installation. Electrical requirements, transformers and insulators have all changed since the fixture was made. What exists in the older light cannot follow the code or even have a wire or connector that works. To ensure all parts of the vintage lamp is working properly and will hold up over time is a must. Rust removal and clearing vents or drain holes should be part of the renovation. Knowing where the final installation is vital to correct restoration because a wet or humid location may require additional planning.

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If you install the piece outdoors there are a few things to consider. Will the piece be exposed to water or humid conditions? All items must be sealed and caulked to reject the moisture, especially because neon lamp is running at a very high voltage. Silicon is a material that can withstand very high temperatures for long periods. The plastic will crack and age, although they can hold up for a longer time than other materials.

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