Installing Coral Lamp

Jul 19th

Coral lamp can come in various sizes and types, depending on the type of luminaire and lamp you want to use. Newer coral lamp is known as high efficiency light bulbs because they use less power to provide the same amount of light. These types of lamps are used with your existing light fixture. The most common type of coral lamp use long tubes that require a fixture that you must install.

Modern Coral Lamp Bronze
Modern Coral Lamp Bronze


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Turn off the power to the room; you will work in by turning off the circuit at the circuit box. Suspend coral lamp on the ceiling by securing it to the rafters. The beams are the horizontal beams that span the width of your house. Remove the lid of the lamp to access the screw holes for mounting the fixture to the ceiling.

Run the electrical wire from the switch to the attic or crawl it. Use of a fishing rod for driving the electric wire through the wall and into the attic. Disconnect the electrical cable up through the wall and run it to the place of coral lamp. Punch out the knockout hole for electric wire from the underside of the lamp.

Connect the black wire to the black wire and the white wire to the white wire. Use a wire cover for covering the connected ends of the wires. Place the lamps in the luminaire and then replace the lamp cover. Restore power to the room by turning on the circuit at the circuit box and turn on the light to see if it works.

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