Metal Lamp Shades Frames

Jun 30th

Metal lamp shades – To make metal lamp shades frames, starting with cut five pieces of wire, each measuring 13 inches. Using the tip round-nose pliers to make a hook at one end of the first 13-inch wire. Start making hook of about 1/2 inch from the end to make it easier to work with. Make a hook at the other end too. This makes a 12-inch high metal lamp shades frames. Perform this step with the four remaining 13-inch wires. Then, cut two more pieces of 14-gauge wire measuring 15 inches. Twist ends two wires with Tanga. Do this until about 2 inches of both ends are twisted together.

Vintage Metal Lamp Shades
Vintage Metal Lamp Shades

Now make a hook on the other end of each wire. This chip is later to the top and bottom of the metal lamp shades frames. Make a U-shape with bonded wires. Just below the twisted parts of the U-shaped wires, squeeze a little. Separating two wires slightly, according to the specifications bulb to use. This has subsequently bulb. Next, connect each 13-inch wire to 6-inch metal craft ring. Distribute them evenly apart. Slightly squeeze every corner to close them over metal craft ring.

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Then connect each of 13-inch metal wires to 10-inch metal craft ring. Again, distribute them evenly before securing them to the 10-inch metal craft ring. Last, connect the ends of the U-shaped wires for 6-inch metal craft ring. Ensure that falls in the center of the metal frame. If a higher shade than 12 inches is needed, you can add a center craft ring between the top and bottom for more support. The center ring may be attached to support cables with a 24-gauge wire. Wrap 24-gauge wire to support wires in a figure 8 formation for more security. And metal lamp shades frames were done.