Rustic Lamp Shades for Floor Lamps

Jul 6th

Rustic lamp shades since 1930 has been synonymous with Western decor. When you consider the elements that make up the decor is rustic, western rawhide lamp shades are still in the forefront. Over the years, rawhide has played an integral part not only for rustic lampshades but many other accessories as well.


Since the 1990s rustic lamp shades has experienced resurgence in popularity as new designers and homeowners alike find high quality artificial appearance. For each rural den, family room, living room or bedroom and ranch, cabin or country style, rawhide here to stay. The use of raw leather color with light horn and lights continue to lead the way and set the standard for log homes and rustic style.

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Rustic lamp shades west mainly made using cowhide, sheepskin and goatskin. Goat creature is the thinnest leather rawhide lampshade option that allows the dark rustic western rawhide to be made that still allow light to show through. For a classic look west, hand cancels rawhide much better than commercially processed rawhide. The difference is that the commercial raw leather processed using chemicals and machinery. Rawhide shades are made using the processed leather is very clean and clear, but lacked character.